We are Chris & Steph Page. Parents to four (yes you read that right, four) girls. In our home we manage emotions and hair do's.

Steph is from Minnesota and Chris is from Canada. We met on the mission field, so our faith is important to us. We have done a lot of different things. Between the two of us; children's ministry, curriculum writing, conference planning, camp speaking, non profit starting and running. We have been leaders on the top and we have been taking orders on the bottom. We have worked in our sweet spots and found ourselves working to pay the bills.

There is one thing that we have learned over the years and it is that we all have influence, no matter what space we find ourselves in. Our influence isn't dependent on our education, station or paycheck. Whether we influence or not depends on, us.  How we react in the circumstances of life.

We are Imperfect Influencers because we are choosing to be who we are where we are. We aren't waiting until we have 10,000 followers, a good savings account or the perfect job. We are choosing to live intentionally, live influentially right here right now.

Are you nodding in agreement, is your heart beating faster, do you resonate with this Imperfect Influencer message? Welcome to the collaborative. We need each other. We are here to cheer for you and inspire you to fill the space you were created to fill in this world. 

Download the Imperfect Influencer Manifesto, join us on the Imperfect Influencer podcast and check out our weekly blog posts. We want to say - you aren't alone, we are over here too. Choosing to be who we are, where we are, so that we can all influence our world.

So glad you are here.

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You can follow Chris at and on twitter at @livinguptomyname

The Manifesto

We are confident that we have a purpose and we are not afraid to say that we don't have it all together. We are Imperfect Influencers.

Grab Yours.

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