Connecting through Weakness by guest blogger Angie Platt

It is an honor to know people who have stepped and continue to step into their spheres of influence. This week on the Imperfect Influencer Podcast Steph interviewed Angie about influence – the good, the bad and the imperfect. Listen here. You can also join Angie and her family and their fight against child sex trafficking in Thailand. Learn more here

“ We impress people with our strengths, but we connect with people through our weaknesses” -Craig Groechel

That quote has stayed with me a really long time.

I heard it when we were doing some leadership development and it just stuck. As someone who hopes to influence my world around me, I stay mindful of this when I am talking with others. Am I blabbing on and on about MY “success” or “life wins”? Or am I being vulnerable and transparent with this person?

I really believe in the power that manifests itself when we share our weaknesses alongside our strengths. This doesn’t mean “over sharing” though I am sure I do that too. What I mean is being mindful of the situation the other person is in and allowing vulnerability to set the tone. Instead of “I have got it together” tone, which we all really know is not the truth. Here’s the deal, after an hour or so talking with someone we already KNOW their strengths, or at least start to identify them. As soon as we think they have “better” strengths or “more meaningful wins” we start to play the “compare-don’t-share” game. We ALL do it. BUT if that person also begins to share some struggles or trials, it fires up the inner monologue. “Well I struggle with that as well, huh would have never guessed she did too. Maybe I could go after my dream or share more or maybe God would use me too.”

It’s this POWERFUL force that we can use to spur one another to influence our world around us.

In staying with the vulnerability thread, a little known fact about me is I hate public speaking. Well, I take that back I have a love/hate for it because I love to inspire and encourage others to do what God has placed in their lives but it ends there. I get a stomach ache; I have vomited and I just get so dang nervous. Every single time I share that, people are floored. They think I am joking, but when they see my serious I’m-not-kidding face they say something like “But you’re so natural” or “ but you are good” or “ Noooo you’re crazy” or my favorite.. “ but you’re so funny” as if that makes it easier to talk in front of people? I stand there and try to convince them that I’m really stressing out just talking about talking in front of people. Thankfully over the years it’s getting a tad better..keeps me humble that’s for sure.

Once when I shared this sheepishly with my friend she said “ but you’re so confident and passionate! It makes me feel I can go after my dreams..scared and all” A LITTLE LOUDER FOR THE BACK ROW?! YES. YES. What is that dream you keep carrying around? You have influence right now in your world. The people around us are looking to be inspired in some way in their lives. Do it afraid. Mic in hand. Palms sweaty. Voice shaking. Just go for it.

To learn more about Angie, her family and her ministry visit their website at